A New Gallery

I’ve posted a new gallery on alternative processes. This was a from class I took in the first part of the year, which was a survey of as many “alternative processes” as we could dream up. Pinhole images, anthotypes, silkscreen printing, transfers of every kind, toning… No, really, it was fantastic. I found many ways to create images, and I was surprised in the end with what most resonated with me.

Here’s what I wrote just after the class ended:

Of all the processes I attempted, I most enjoyed doing the lith darkroom prints (this really surprised me, as I didn’t expect to even try this one because darkroom). My second favorite was doing gum bichromate. Tied for third are the inkjet transfers and the fuji manipulations. I really like the feeling of not-being-totally in control.

I’m considering doing some AltPro for my Projects class this fall. We’ll see…