Catching up

One of the reasons I updated the underlying code of my site was to be able to have my portfolio/project/galleries appear in the flow of posts on the front page. Ostensibly this site is here to promote my work, to give people a place to see what I’ve been up to, and to give me a way to do art in public.

[climbs on soapbox] If I become good (famous) enough to get a retrospective of my work, I want younger artists to see that Art doesn’t come fully formed out of one’s head like Athena from Zeus. I think artists who refuse to show mistakes and wrong directions and not-quite-theres do a disservice to the rest of us by trying to perpetuate the myth of genius over the story of hard work. [hops off soapbox]

I’ve been lax updating the “project galleries” because I don’t have a definition of what a Project is anymore. I do this and that but without the structure of schools and deadlines, I never seem to finish things. This is not to say that I finished things before, but they always seemed to be “done enough” for the purpose (usually because it was due 😀).

My plan is to get into the habit of sharing in-progress work, and then making a proper “project gallery” out of it once it is done (for some arbitrary level of “done”). As a way to ease into it, I’m making galleries out of some older projects, Big and After Lewitt, that had posts but not galleries because they didn’t fit into a specific “portfolio”. With this slightly different model of working, I intend to highlight finished objects, perhaps even sell some.

Here they are! After Lewitt, Big.

There is one remaining issue with this new site code. I can get the galleries on the front page now easily, but they apparently do not appear in my RSS/Atom feed. Therefore I’ll continue to make posts about new galleries as I make them, just so you know.