animated gif of 42 screen captures of very small images in a 24x18 grid on black background

This gif represents the contents of the Lightroom catalog I have for our eBay business. As I’ve mentioned before, I photograph everything that isn’t a book, magazine, or paper ephemera. Selling random stuff on eBay is not a way to make money quickly, in fact, it’s not much of a way to make money at all. But we do it because things were given to us in hopes that we could find good homes for them.

I’ve been feeling a bit downhearted lately because there is so much of it, and it seems like we will never finish. So I looked through my catalog and was kind of astonished at how much there’s been.

Here is some data:

Date range: August 26, 2012 to May 31, 2017. 12,038 photos (+7 videos), to populate over 1500 eBay auctions.

Year photos
2012 296
2013 1557
2014 1659
2015 2930
2016 3353
2017 2243

Wow. Tables are hard to do well…

I remember some of these items ;) If you look carefully, you might see some images that made it to my non-eBay catalog, and to this site.

This amount of work is minuscule compared to the number of images a wedding photographer will churn out, but I’m pretty amazed that I’ve been able to do this in my little studio. If I keep up the same pace as I’ve done for this year so far, maybe we’ll be able to walk everywhere in the house soon!