Glass Practice

I mentioned in Inspiration: Glass that I really enjoy photographing glass. Here are a few examples:

A red bottle that is thick in the middle and nips to a small opening and neck. The base is clear glass and the red color rounds into it. White background.


A slender lime green vase with clear footed base stands on a blue table with a dark background. It is flared on the top and curves in at the middle.


Aqua two-chambered vase, bulbous like a flower. Lots of glass bubbles.


These are simple settings, but it probably that it seems that way to me because I’ve photographed a lot of glass.1 I find that the objects are beautiful, and I try to share that.

Not that I intend to ever create in glass myself. I’ve worked around high-temperature furnaces (in a previous life) and it’s not something I care to do more of. I do, however, appreciate people who do glass art. It’s a fascinating medium.

  1. We have an eBay store where we sell collectibles and books. Most of the not-books are photographed by me, which is a great way to get familiar with product photography.