New phone, new camera

In the summer I got a bright shiny new iPhone 7+ to replace my aging (and damaged) iPhone 4S. The difference in size took me all of about a week to get used to — my old phone seems so tiny now! — and it’s super cool that I can play PokémonGO again.

I can also make pictures, of course, and experimented a bit like you do when you get a new camera.

A horizontally-long very green image of a forest bed with lots of ferns.


A misshapen vertical image of tree rising to the cloudy sky


These were taken at Oak Openings Metropark near Toledo, Ohio. It’s a lovely park with forests, sand dunes, lakes, and some nice trails. It’s wonderful in the summer (we were there in August), and if I was more of an outdoorsy person I’d probably like it in the winter, too.

I’ve been making photos with my new phone since I got it, but I have a problem with getting the photos off of my phone to share on my site here. With my old phone I would regularly offload the photos (since it didn’t have much storage space) and import them into my Lightroom catalog. With this new phone, I have tons of storage space linked to my iCloud photos which I can see and store on my iMac in my Photos app, so in theory I would not have to frequently offload my images.

So now I don’t have a capacity issue, but I do have a workflow problem. The pictures for this site are managed by my Lightroom catalog. The desktop version of Lightroom1 doesn’t handle the Apple HEIF image format, and I don’t want to have edited photos in two places.

I’ve worked around that so far by ignoring the problem. But I have made some photos for a couple of ongoing projects that should be shared here and I can’t because I’m waiting for Adobe to support HEIF in their desktop app.2 So in the meantime I do other stuff and try to find other ways to share images I make on my phone. One day I’ll figure this part out.

It also doesn’t help the workflow problem that I also got a new computer3, but it makes it so much nicer to work with images now :)

  1. They support in in their Mobile app, but I don’t use it. 

  2. No really, the mobile app really doesn’t fit my workflow.