Preparing for the Gala

The semester is ending, and that means it’s time for the WCC DMA Gala.1 It is the final project of the Portfolio Seminar class, and it is a big deal. We’ve been working all term using the event as a way of preparing for the next thing whether it’s continuing education or starting a business (whether commercial, retail, or art).

In my case, I’ve been spending the time investigating MFA programs in addition to making new work, developing a print portfolio, and creating all sorts of business-type items.2

One of the coolest things about the Gala, though, is that the students’ work gets reviewed by working photographers. For all of my other college experience, this is the first time I’ve had formal external evaluation of my coursework.3

I’m really looking forward to the Gala (honestly, I’m also looking forward for it to be over). I truly appreciate having the opportunity to really focus on this aspect of being a working artist.

  1. WCC: Washtenaw Community College; DMA: Digital Media Arts; Gala: a celebration of all the hard work done by graduating students, faculty and staff. 

  2. You may have noticed a few, ahem, tweaks to this site, for instance. 

  3. I’ve presented to external stakeholders before, but they didn’t give a written opinion of my work.