I’ve reached a point in my project where my successes are so minor so as to be virtually non-existent. I keep refining my ideas, but nothing seems to be enough. The masks aren’t dark enough. The text isn’t witty enough. The images aren’t even planned yet, so I suppose you could say they aren’t interesting enough.

I’m almost a third of the way through the term, and I’ve yet to make an image I would consider to be part of the project. In my rational mind, I know this was the schedule — September for figuring out the technique, October for image-making, November for refining, December for presenting.

In my rational mind I know that once I get past this technical problem there will be another one, and then another one, etc., and eventually I will have a completed body of work that I am proud to show people.

Today I don’t feel very rational.

However, I have all the film I need right now, some good masks, some intriguing ideas, and a superbly supportive husband. It’ll work out.

Maybe I’ll go listen to “The Most Feel-Good Song

Sing, Freddie!