Sketches and doodles

I suppose I’ve arrived at that place many graduated (or simply ex-) students reach once they’re no longer in school: I’m finding it difficult to finish pieces without having that external push. I have several ongoing projects that just aren’t coming together, and others that require resources I don’t have. It’s discouraging sometimes, to think of everything I haven’t done.1 However, I am constantly photographing stuff 2, and sometimes I turn an image of an item into something more interesting and less prosaic.

For example:

Amorphous shiny arcs of purples golds blues and aquas with some thin paths running through it all

Honor Maid Night

Two gold arcs span the image; smooth white blobs fill in from the bottom. The top is black. Lettering is next to one of the arcs, it says 'Arcoroc France'

Arcoroc France

I really like these images and their spontaneous creation. They’re like a painter’s sketches or an illustrator’s doodles. They remind me that I can still experiment with image making without dragging out chemicals or doing a lot of hand work. They are quick and remind me that creativity and inspiration are everywhere in everyone.

I have more — I’ve been sharing them on my Tumblr, perhaps it is time make a home for them here.

  1. Now I’ve got Hamilton! in my head of course 

  2. I photograph the things that aren’t books