Don’t Adjust Your Set

I decided when I started this redesign that it wouldn’t be “done” when I uploaded the first posts. Atom and Git have made it possible for me to feel comfortable with making and testing changes locally, and then uploading them when I think they’re ready.

For instance, I’m actually writing this post in a branch and when I’m happy enough with it, I’ll merge it into my master version and regenerate the site and upload it.

As I work with the site, and see it in various situations (phone, tablet, etc.), I notice things that I would like to maybe change or tweak. So I open a branch and get all code-y without worrying I’m going to mess something up.

However, since I’m making big changes rather than small ones (a bit of restructure), I figured I’d mention it so anyone who might be following along at home doesn’t get concerned.

All I can say is “Expect more changes.”