Site Restructure

After taking weeks longer than I expected (of course) I’ve got my site back into a condition where I feel comfortable sharing it and writing new posts.1

There have been some substantial changes, not the least of which is I’ve changed to Bootstrap 4 alpha. Now, normally using an “alpha” system for a production site is not a good idea, but it’s been in development for a couple of years — they have some work to do, but for what I’m using it seems to be stable.

The home page the place for new content — if I make a new project gallery it will automagically show up on the front page, like posts currently do. This was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Without going into detail, let me just say that I’m happy my husband has some experience with Ruby.2

I’ve also cleaned up some of the code around the project gallery pages so that I can talk about the images actually on the page, rather than in a separate place. There’ve been improvements with the archive page, too.

However, the biggest change has been with how I deal with images back here on my desktop computer. Because of that, some old posts have been removed that talked about how I used to do it. I hope to have a post about the new system soon, not because I’m any sort of expert, but because I’ve been helped by other people talking about how they do stuff, and I’d like to pay it back.

Overall, I’ve tried to make the site responsive and clean, but I know there are flaws. If there is something that doesn’t seem to work, please contact me or leave an issue at github.

  1. Actually, if I don’t upload it, I will end up making minor changes to everything until winter. 

  2. If you’re interested, the code underlying this site is at github