Updates are coming…

I’m working on redeveloping my website. I have a new home page in the works (YAY), as well as updated post pages and other stuff. I’m not changing the design so much as the underlying structure. It won’t look exactly the same, of course, but it will look similar to the old version.

I’ve got the bones of it together, however, now I am struggling with how to manage images. Images are the backbone of the whole site (I am a photographer, after all), and I’ve been good about putting them in consistently (once I decided how to do it 2 years ago that is). However, they’re in HTML within my markdown document, which is… problematic to say the least. I should be able to say “this is an image with links to a bigger one, its description is this, and the caption for it is that” in some sort of not-direct-HTML way.

There are 3 kinds of images: screen captures (not often), “medium” sized ordinary images that are there as an illustration of sorts, and “small” images that link to larger “important” images if you click on them. I suppose that means there are 4 kinds, but large images aren’t shown unless someone asks for them. My original thought is that the “small” images would predominate on a page, so if a random stranger gallerist wanted to look at my site they wouldn’t have to wait forever for the pictures to load just to read any text.

I also tried to consider the experience people looking at my site while on their phones would have. Not that it’s a huge portion of my visitors, but it does happen. (How do I know this? For strangers, I don’t, not really. I just think about the times I want to show my website to someone while on my phone which is old and slow).

I don’t actually have a lot of images, maybe a bit more than a hundred in about 60 posts. I’m not a prolific website communicator (though that is something I mean to change). It’s not too late to either rerender them or reconfigure the structure of the posts. Maybe even both…

Watch this space!